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Founded in 2015, Osprey Charging is the UK’s fastest-growing public charging network, operating fast, rapid and ultra-rapid chargepoints on retail and leisure parks.


Osprey focus on:


Quality – the best accessible & safe sites with the greatest current and future potential.

Technology – installing only optimal rapid chargers independent of all manufacturers.

Funding – fully funded, turnkey supply and installation charging solution.

Experience – a proven track record that illustrates Osprey’s commitment to landlords and customers.


As a pure chargepoint operator (CPO) independent of major utility companies, Osprey remain undistracted by sale of equipment, contract installation, electricity supply, or other predominant objectives from any larger parent organisation. Osprey are fully financed with committed capital to grow a nationwide network, and, unlike most other CPOs, are not vertically integrated with any manufacturers.


Osprey’s independence enables them to identify the very best hardware solution for each site, as the market and technological innovations evolve. Osprey’s OCPI-compliant systems platform delivers an enhanced customer experience whilst integrating the landlord’s brand directly into every customer touchpoint. This flexibility enables them to work with market-leading customer technologies and roaming partners to drive more customers to charging sites than ever before.


For further information please contact George Haworth:


George Haworth

0207 199 2973

0789 499 5857