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CSP’s sole business is providing high quality occupational advice to retailers, landlords and developers in the out of town and London retail and leisure market.

The company was founded in February 2010 by James Curson and Luke Sowerby, who together have over 40 years experience in this sector.  CSP offers dedicated agency advice, built on extensive market knowledge diverse contacts and bringing a unique value to both occupiers and landlords. Since inception we have grown significantly to become the major force within the out of town agency market. CSP currently numbers nine fee earning staff.

Our rationale is simple – we are client focused and advice driven.  We differentiate ourselves from the competition by acting for landlords, developers and retailers, which we see as fundamental to our thorough understanding of how the retail and leisure market operates.

CSP’s unrivalled knowledge of the market together with the robust relationships we have nurtured has enabled the company to build a strong and insightful staff base, able to adapt and react positively to changes in the sector and the exacting requirements of our clients.

Curson Sowerby Partners LLP (“Curson Sowerby”) and Staunton Whiteman, formed a strategic alliance in 2017 to become a leading integrated property advisory firm in the out-of-town retail sector. This entity combines Curson Sowerby’s controlling position in the agency sector, with Staunton Whiteman’s many years of experience advising on commercial property investments, the partners having advised on in excess of half a billion of transactions over the last year.

The strategic alliance marks a long term commitment from both companies to collaborate on an exclusive basis with a view to integrating their complementary skills with their overlapping client base. In this new alliance, the combined management teams will work closely to deliver a more cohesive set of advisory services across agency, asset management and investment.


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